Black Gold School Division
Willow Park School

Parents’ Association Budget Message

Hello PAWS members,

We have been receiving a series of communications from both the school board and the Alberta School Council Association about the upcoming budget cuts and how they will be impacting our school next year.

In a nutshell, on March 26th the provincial budget revealed the following changes to budgets:

-No new funding for increased student enrollment;
-2.7% budget cuts from non-instructional costs; and
-Ministerial approval needed to use any school board reserves, even if the funds had been earmarked for specific needs that were identified by school boards and their communities.

As a result, several fiscal challenges will be faced by our school and it’s growing populations. With the limited funds PAWS has remaining until our next casino, we will need to consider what shortfalls the school may anticipate and the impact on our students to see if PAWS can support some of these non-instructional needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask either myself ( or school administration. Additional resources/press-releases are available on and